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 St Mary: Devon Pen
  Backpacks & Toys Distribution


From the main road we could glimpse the children in their daily hub, of carrying buckets of water from the river to wash clothes or trading fruits and vegetables, gathered earlier that morning, with their neighbors.  Because communication by phone is so very limited, ACC was not sure if all of the children were aware that ACC was on its way in a van filled with Christmas gifts, clothes and snacks for the children.  Our query was quickly answered.  As soon as the van turned off of the main road onto the mud and rock pathway that lead to the designated meeting place, there were children everywhere.  Suddenly we were surrounded by excited, sweet faces that we have come to know so well over the past eight years of service.
Excitement was exploding from every corner and at times it was hard for the volunteers to keep up with the demand, but we managed.  The time was so fleeting.  After we gave out the toys and clothes, one of the volunteers gathered the teen girls together for a "girls thing". We can  still hear the giggles of the girls.
Along with the "girls thing" there were also games and competitions that were meant to provide the kids with gifts and also to expose them to values and  concepts like recycling, environmental health and community solidarity.
As always, the children were so magnanimous that one could almost forget the painful fact that many of these children may not have a suitable place to sleep or a decent meal to eat.
For some of these children, food, clothes and safe sleeping accommodations are unobtainable.  We still have so much more to do. For our very generous sponsors, we would like to say thank you again - none of this would be possible with out your help.  And yes, you do make a difference.

Brothers  standing beside suitcase with Christmas items donated to the family from a sponsor in the USA.
   Thank You for making a difference  


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