Helping students to achieve their dreams

A Child's Cry,  (ACC) assisting young individuals to become effective leaders at the same time working  with sponsors, together,  helping to accomplish more for the children in need.  Your financial contributions  increase the number of needy and disadvantaged children to whom we are able to help.

Below areas ACC serve
Watts-Bell garden-long beach-Garden Grove-Anaheim  Mexico
(Overseas Rural area)
Stony Hill - Kingston - St Andrew -Montego Bay -St Thomas
St Mary: Devon Pen, Scott Hall, Broad Gate, Gibb Hill Friendship Gap.
St Elizabeth: Cheapside

Helping with scholarships, school supplies, meals, and other miscellaneous items needed. Children  who are receiving scholarships,  well balanced meals that are for some their only nutritious meal of the day.  Without the scholarships theses children would be unable to attend any type of school and due to severe living circumstances, they would be left unattended and unfed for the majority of the day. ACC  also provides Christmas toys for all the children at Cheapside school and children in other  rural areas.


In the pass  seven years, ACC provided  items to the less fortunate students desperately in need of help.  Listed, the following give a ways - Backpacks, school supplies,  reading books, computers, printers, art supplies, classroom supplies and  equipments  and other  miscellaneous items. Tuitions  for several needy students  to be able to attend classes,  clothing, shoes and monetary donation. Easter baskets,  grooming and hygiene products toys and gifts donation in the USA and overseas to children in need.  Internship programs through culture awareness,  arts and theaters.  Additional information  view links below.

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Over the past eight years of service to the children we have come to know so well, we at ACC have seen the changes that has occurred in the children lives the success stories and the improvement that has taken place ...just amazing.


Without your support A Child's Cry could not have served the large number of needy children that we have provided the necessary basic items such as: Backpacks, school supplies, clothing, school shoes, grooming products and other miscellaneous items

Your tax-deductible donation ....  Making a  difference in a needy child's life today for a brighter future. 
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