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                     Christmas Event   -       Pictures .... They say  it all   

Children of all ages at  ACC toys distribution  day.
Teens got in  lines to receive what was  available for their age group @ ACC toy event.
Mothers and  babies also received toys and much needed items @ACC toys  event.
This young miss held on to her toys @ ACC toys distribution event. 
No one could  take this little girl's toys  and cloths  at ACC toys distribution event.
This mother had her hands full   toys  and all @ ACC after Christmas   distribution event.
Tool set  for boys -   this boy showed his  tool set he received @ ACC toys distribution event.
Girls were all smiles  after receiving toys  and clothing  @ ACC toy distribution event.
This young man with toys and gifts at ACC  toy  event.
This little boy started off running    with his  gifts after receiving items @ ACC event.
 Siblings -  receiving toys at ACC toy give away event.
These young ladies just sat by the  road   bank with gifts in hand @ the end of the toy event.
Mothers with babies taking time out for pictures before receiving toys.
Not sure what this young man was thinking as his mom took over his toys at event.
This young man was speechless as  he  held on to one of his toys @ ACC toy  event.
Very happy Children all smiles waved goodbye at the end  of day.  
One group of children   at toys give away @ ACC distribution event.
  Another group of children  at ACC toy distribution event.

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