[TXT]   Photo Gallery

This event more than 300 children receive toys clothing and other items  donated for this occasion.
        Children of all ages  standing  in line signing in at event.    
 No one could take this little girl toys from her
       Boy age 6 - taking picture showing  off his toys from event.        Girls were so delighted with their toys and clothing from event.        
        She held on to her toys and clothing.     Not sure what he was thinking  his mom held on to his toys.       Boy with toys and clothing at event.     This little boy had his bag with his item ready to go.        
          Babies & more babies - they  were toys for all.       Babies and moms came out for toys at this even     Mom  happy  leaving  with clothing and gift  for her child     Boxes of clothing  ready for distribution at vent.        
        Mom  & baby  with toys at the ACC Event.     Smiles  showing off  doll at ACC event.       He was in tears as he got to the event late .     These girls - just chilling happy with  toys and gifts.        
          Even the teens got in on the  fun at the Fun Day Event.     Children gather to take pictures before gift distribution.     Smile on the children faces tells it all at the Fun Day Event.     The children waving  good bys  at the end of Fun Day Event.