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  • Back to school Event
Children receiving back to school supplies for Fall Semester.
A Child's Cry handed out many backpacks, school supplies and clothing to hundreds of  children in several areas of rural Jamaica. (Montego-Bay, St Andrew, Stony Hill, St Mary, Port more and other adjoining areas).
A remarkable day this was for all the children.


Pictures below:



Children looking on as  ACC started  calling names from list  that was sent in previously.
Children filling out forms to receive school supplies at event
Children waiting in line to receive school supplies at ACC back to school distribution.
Bobby" - he  could hardly carry his back pack with lots of school supplies from the US  sponsor.  
Another happy face receive back  to  school supplies from ACC back to school distribution.
He shared with  staff he had no idea he would have school supplies for  school
She  was all smiles  receiving  back-pack and school supplies.
Bobby friends gather to talk with him about  his sponsor from the U.S.
This young man  take his picture with  back to school supplies in hand.
Excited is the word after receiving  school supplies for class in a few days.
Young lady was all smiles  with  backpack and school supplies.
Smiles after receiving backpack and school supplies
This young miss after receiving  back to school supplies
Robert having his picture taken at ACC picture booth.
After receiving his back-pack and school supplies.
This young man with his backpack and school supplies.
She was pleasantly surprised when given  school supplies
This young man stand tall taking picture with  school supplies
After receiving  school  supplies from Acc  distribution event
Abigail with her backpack and school supplies
 All the children were in good spirits although they experience great lost during the storm