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Are you thinking of selling or trading in that car, boat or RV - why not donate them instead to A Child's Cry.   A Child's Cry, a charitable non-profit organization, assists disadvantaged children - providing basic needs such as: backpacks with school supplies, education augmentation, computers, immediate school needs, clothes,  scholarships, toiletries, holiday gifts and more.
[TXT]   By donating your vehicles,  you are helping to  make a difference in  the lives of needy children that are considered  less fortunate.
A Child's Cry, car donation program working in conjunction with Donate A Car program, accepts:  cars - vans - buses - trailers (with wheels), RV & boats. 
[TXT]   It is easy to donate  your  vehicles to  A Child's Cry,  follow links below:
For car donation - complete form with all information at: Car donation form  
Information regarding  donations such as (trailers with wheels), boats, RV etc)
[TXT]  Your tax-deductible donation - making a difference in a needy child's life today for a brighter future.
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[TXT] Thank you for your support
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