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A Child’s Cry, charity organization with the commitment and the desire to work for the Betterment of disadvantaged children.  making positive changes  working together for disadvantaged children locally and internationally.  With your support, A Child's Cry , will  go that extra mile.


 Greetings:  A Child’s Cry , (charity organization) -  striving with integrity to fulfill the needs of economically disadvantage children all over the world!


April and May were exciting months for A Child’s Cry.  Easter baskets packed with Easter goodies were handed out to needy children.  In addition, extra assistance given to students that  needed  help.


A Child's Cry, (charity organization) is also pleased to announce that through the months of April-June A Child’s Cry, were able to extend our services to Watt’s inner city children by having them participate in drama, dance and singing at a theatre in Hollywood. Every one had an enjoyable time.



Upcoming Events for 2002

A  Child's Cry will be printing information regarding the new dates for our travel clinic in the next quarterly newsletter.


Aggressively, A Childs Cry (charitable organization ) will begin collecting book bags and other school supplies for back to school students for Fall of 2002.


 Christmas of 2002 toy drive:  Collecting toys for needy children starting now until late October 2002 to early December.   Decorative shoeboxes will be stuffed with toiletries for needy children locally and overseas.  A Child's Cry, (charitable organization) greatly appreciates all items of toiletry for both boys and girls.


With your help, A Child's Cry, will increase the number of toys for children, some of who have never experienced the joy of  a gift at Christmas.


Items needed

A Child's Cry, (charitable origination) -  in need of toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Backpacks and other school supplies


For your convenience you may visit, A Child's Cry web site http://www.achildscry.com or email A Child's Cry @ support@achildscry.com





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This summer one goal is to help 1,000 children to get a jump-start on the new school year with school supplies



Up coming fundraiser - Turnaround trip to Laughlin, NV includes - dinners & fashion shows.

Contact  A Child's Cry and/or read up coming  newsletters for further details.



Supplies Needed

Back pack, notepapers, pens, crayons, markers, pencils, rulers, school uniforms,  shoes. and monetary donations for school lunches etc.

  • Please keep in mind that select  vendors have extend to A Child's Cry their products at a “great wholesale prices”. 


Suggestions and comments:  visit our web site at http://www.achildscry.com


Special thanks and appreciation to:


 George Mitchell - who coordinates  the technical work on A Child’s Cry, web sites.
All the individuals and companies who gave donations.
All who helped with the Easter basket for the children.
Bus driver that transported the children from Watts’s area, in Los Angeles to the theatre in Hollywood.
John & Kathy Williams for their car donation and much needed support.


A Child’s Cry, would like to welcome aboard our new affiliate Erica Watley who will be assisting A Child's Cry, in all aspects.


Please tell someone else about A Child’s Cry,(charaty organization) and encourage friends to go to the web site @  www.achildscry.com.

  • Remember -  donations are tax-deductible  When each one lends their support, they are changing lives.


Please note that A Child’s Cry, charitable foundation appreciates all your help and support to  children around the world.