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A Child’s Cry, making a difference - Working together, we are  making    things happen for students locally and internationally, and with your support  we are able to go that extra mile


Child’s Cry, extending help to children who are in need.  

Long Beach - Los Angeles and Jamaica  West Indies will be this year ’s 2003 recipient for our annual back to school  donations  of back packs and school supplies.

Express the joy of  love.... give a  gifts   that will  help to  provide back to school supplies to children in need. 
Give the joy of learning....Make difference...Give a donation.
Starting April 2003      
A Child’s Cry foundation will be collecting donations for back to school supplies for the children returning to school at the end of August, beginning September 2003 .
With your help, we will increase the number of school supplies we will be   able to provide for   needy children,  some of whom have nothing and this    will be a great blessing and they will be truly grateful.
Next Fundraiser  event 
May 18th 2003   Time: 9:00am
We thank you for your support Treat a friend to breakfast you will be  blessed
Up coming Projects for 2003
  • On going Candy sale

  • Breakfast  May 18th 2003

  • Dinner June..21st, 2003.

  • Car wash June 28th, 2003



Items needed

All School supplies & back pack


We are collecting toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste, and mouthwash. for our Jamaica donation  __________________________

For your convenience you may visit our web site










We appreciate your support.

 To all the sponsors and all who  made donation  to A Child's Cry, for the  Easter Picnic held   on April 12. 2003 at the Park for the  children 

to have a wonderful  day. "We say thank you"


Races  Winners & Musical numbers 

The games were great and  not only with the  children but with the grown ups  who had a good time  as well.


The water balloon race ... Milking the cow: Fishing in the pool The potatoes sack race ,,,  winner Derek

The egg race  winner: Eric & Bryan This was great fun and with a lots of tension leaving disappointed egg  racer crying onto the late evening. 

Shave the balloon   Story time:  

followed by an egg hunt - children came up with lot of surprises !!!!!!!!!!!                Clean up race at the end.

(Want to see children pick up papers and want to do so ...give a prize. Mothers that's a hint.)


Corrine Bernal who singled handed arrange just about every thing for the Picnic and she still had the energy for games with the children at the picnic .
·     Frito Co - Kathy Hews    ·    Becky Hill who at the last minute provided all the Hot Dogs and dressing for the children
·         Lupita's  (Gift shop and Party supplies)                                  7846 Commonwealth Buena Park CA 90621
*   Forte Chiropractic Center and office staff                                        3441     W.  Ball  Suite DAnaheim,  CA 92804    

*·  Personal Wellness Group  - 336 Pinehurst Ave., Placentia,  CA 92870

*   Cham' s Donut 7065 S La Palma, -  Buena Park,  CA 90620 
Praise Chapel Church - Pastor John  Cisneros. Hot Dog buns
Joe Guerrero  - Ice cream
Paula - set up 
AAA Group from Compton - Salvador
Manvel Potato Sacks for game/ race
 Rocha - President All who provided Products - paper products, Nacho's, Candy and more.
Del Taco - Lincoln & Western - Taco salad bowls
Daryl & Carmen - plastic bags
All who brought Delicious food, waters, sodas, plated utensils and games for the picnic
All who gave monetary donation before and at the picnic and we won’t forget Shag who made all the delicious burger and hot dogs.  
Yum..Yum   Thank you Shag, for all the love you gave to each of us.
All  who helped with candy sale for the children this   Easter holidays.
A Childs's Cry donated all  extra  items  to the  School for the children Easter Party