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 A   Child's Cry (Charitable Origination) a non- profit organization - making a tremendous difference in children's lives - children that are considered  less fortunate and with your support  and your generosity assist  to  fulfill some of the many goals in A Child's Cry mission statement.

A Child's Cry is aware of the needs of these children and the plight they face on a daily basis - for example, basic money for school lunch, books, school uniforms, clothing, food medical assistance, shelter and school fees.  It is impossible to provide for all the needs of all the children, but A Child's Cry will make a difference in some who live in these areas.

 December  2006 was a very hectic   month  so much to do with so little time - Everyone was busy preparing, making phone calls, shopping, collecting last minute  items, sharing ideas, lots of  scarifies and working late evenings. A great deal was  accomplished.

On December 29th 2006  A Child’s Cry (Charitable Origination) Christmas toys  for children in Jamaica, W. I. finally arrived and got distributed to the children who waited for days to receive these items . Gifts , toys and other items were distributed to children in Kingston, St. Andrew , St. Mary and St. Catherine. These events were well attended by the children and parents and they all enjoyed the time of distribution. A good time was had by all.

      December 2006
  A Child's Cry

Making  a difference

  This child held on to her toys & clothing - no one could take them away
 Jamaica, W .I
 Christmas Toys Distribution Event
All donation to these children are donated from student and parents in the USA and most of the children would not have received a gift if not for their generosity . Children were extremely grateful and the smiles on their faces say it all. Thank you letters will be posted.
             Pictures  from:     A Child's Cry Christmas Toy distribution event:
This toy distribution event was well attended  with more than 300 children and over 300 toys were given out to children from the community and nearby.  Devon Pen is a small community where most of the children have some need for help in the area of school supplies and other everyday hygiene and toiletry items.
 A   Child's Cry - brought smile to sad faces in Jamaica, W I

A Child's Cry:
          On the local front:

Toys and other goodies  items were sent to different areas for the children at Christmas. In addition,   toys and clothing were given to Mexico for the children - also additional items for adults.

           Teens  - arriving with anticipation

Although many teens showed up for the event held by A Child's Cry, there were not enough items for this age group.  At  the upcoming back to school  event scheduled  for August of '07, A Child's Cry  will be considering an area  for the teens with  items  of interest for ages 11 through 17 years  to enjoy as the younger children.


Any one with backpack and/or school supplies that would like to help a child by donating items to A Childs Cry may do so by  calling ACC office or send e-mail to arrange pick-up to :  support @achildscry.com

Special Thank You  

A   Child's Cry - On behalf of the families and children in Jamaica, W. I who are unable to say thank you individually, A Child's Cry brings greetings and thank you from all.


For the effort from all those who contributed, whatever part you played, A Child's Cry considers you a vital part of the chain.


  One group of children gather to take pictures during ACC toy distribution event.

Devon Pen in the parish of  St. Mary, Jamaica, West Indies was one of the main focuses on December 29th, 2006 (Christmas) among other communities wherein toys, clothing and also some monetary contributions for student age 10 yrs and above as most items from  A Child's Cry, were for student ages 0 - 9 years were received.


On  arrival to the Devon Pen District in a rural area of Jamaica, W. I the children where already  waiting for our arrival.  For some the anticipation was too much as these toys were to be distributed for Christmas and a few days had passed by since Christmas so with anticipation the children  all gathered  together and met A Child's Cry van that carried the toys and items at the bottom of the road.  Immediately our stuff set up and began working. Making everything quick and easy  two lines were open to the children, one for girls and another for  the boys. Distribution tables were set up and distribution forms were handed out to the children. After each child's  application information form was completed,  the children took the forms to another station where they presented these forms  to receive  toys and other clothing items. More than 300 children and parents were given toys, clothing and other miscellaneous goodies at this  toy distribution event.


The children played   with their toys right there on the spot.  After most of the boxes had  been emptied of all there goodies the children journeyed   home. Keisha, one volunteer,  to  her surprise saw two little boys sitting in a   corner  crying. Upon asking them what was wrong, one replied   " we were late so  we did not get any toys".  Keisha  stated " My heart melted and I had to find something for them, which I did and their little faces lit up like  light bulbs".  They went away  smiling and that was the perfect ending   to  the perfect day.


As Wendy, a volunteer for   A Child's Cry who took pictures of the toy distribution event puts it  -"The children might not have said it in words but their smiles tells it all: - Never have I seen so many children enthused and so many smiles on all their faces"   (both children and  parents).


A Child's Cry  (charitable organization) had  other boxes of miscellaneous items  available for the adults and with-in hours before the end of the  days  event  all these boxes were  also empty.
  Smiles - all around on the children faces as they all gathered before  receiving toys and other items at ACC toy distribution event.
siblings after receiving toys and other items
Happy faces from these girls after receiving  toys and clothing at ACC toy distribution event.
Mom had her hands full - toys and all - at ACC toy distribution event.
Girls just chilling after  receiving  toys. at ACC event.
Children gather at the end of  ACC toy distribution  event    waving good byes.
Your Support
       Your giving and your
 contributions to   A Child's Cry (Charitable Origination) making all the above possible for  children that would not have gotten anything for the holidays if not for all your generosity.
        A Child's Cry  say: 
        "THANK YOU"

Most of  the children who attended the event were very shy and before long they were all in smiles.  These children  don't have much, but they were so appreciative of the toys and clothing  they received from the distribution event given by  A Child's Cry for children that are less fortunate.



A Child's Cry
appreciate your support
Los Angeles  CA:
Liz Gonzalez - Sterling Transportation Inc
Ken Lord - La Parkan Express
Jamaica: W I:
The Ministry of Finance -Duty Dept.
Nydia Fong - Jamaica trading Services Ltd.
Garth Brown - Gembro Clearance
Courtney Rodney -  Gembro Clearance

Mary Patton: for all her help in sorting  items packing and getting items shipped for the children in Jamaica, W. I.


Keisha Lewis: - for all her effort getting the items cleared at the Jamaican Custom Service Jamaica, W. I. In addition - sorting  items to be distributed to the children at ACC toy distribution day event.


Bev Lewis: For working long hours helping with sorting out  toys and items for the children toy distribution day - although she had to work at her regular job the following day.


Driver: For taking the time out of his busy schedule to transport the toys  and clothing for the children  in the  rural  Jamaica, country areas.


Maureen Watson:  - Helping to sort items - working all through the night to make this event   in Devon Pen a success for the children  on the 29th December 2006.


Wendy Wilson: -  Who took  picture of ACC  event for the day and also pitching in at the last minute  helping with   toys distribution and in addition,  helping with other area of the event as she saw the need.


Tanya Sutherland: - Taking paperwork to different area for  ACC - insurrecting that all paperwork could be in order for the clearing   and distribution of  toys and items for the children would  go smoothly,  at the event helping the children in completing forms /distribution of   items to the children on the day of  ACC toy distribution event.


Last but not least - Special Thank you to all the other  volunteers, parents and all the passers by that so graciously gave their time  and also for their participation to make this day such a special  and an enjoyable event for the children.

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