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  •   [TXT]  Wellness                                            
     [TXT]   The wellness program    -    "a better way of life for our children"
ACC will be addressing the needs of young children (children that are living in  unusual situation) (children living in cars under freeways in burnt out buildings etc)       ACC helping through low to moderate income housing. With Information and the process necessary to accomplish life changes. Changes for a child to have a comfortable and  safe place to call home through the wellness program
The wellness program will make an effort to address and assist mothers and fathers that are caring for children under the age of 12 years (18 years and attending school).        Join together with ACC  and help to create a brighter tomorrow for a child considered less fortunate. To help with this project send E-mail to:
Your financial tax-deductible contribution, truly, an investment in our children's future.
[TXT] Thank You for making a difference      

   [TXT]    Thank you for your support

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