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A Child’s Cry, children's charity,   is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt Corporation, established to assist needy,  disadvantaged and at-risk children/students.  

A Child's Cry, (ACC) a children's charity, working in conjunction with sponsors  to provide support in the form of but not limited to: backpacks, books, supportive education items, computers, monitors, classroom supplies, basic hygienic products needs,    clothing,  shoes, baby items, toys (all ages) and  more  to   disadvantaged and at-risk children -  Resulting in dramatic positive changes in young lives.


One goal  is to  make positive  changes in these children's lives.  By giving  them support in areas of need, ACC can help the children achieve their dreams, of  them staying in school and completing their education. In addition, allowing the children to become proud citizens and effective leaders in their local  and international communities.


Through your generous financial  donations of any dollar amount, ACC can increase the number of children to whom resources are provided helping them to build a more stable life.

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To advocate and enhance the lives of children and teens through education, scholarships, low income housing, medical and dental care in the pursuit of  a decent and meaningful way of life.  "In the future our country will reap a hundredfold the goodness we sow  in our children today".


  When you open your heart to give your financial donation to A Child's Cry,   your gifts will help bring hope to less fortunate students, giving these children the opportunity to move away from the stigma of poverty and in doing so,  gain a brighter future.

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