A Child’s Cry News Letter 

A Child’s Cry is a new Organization with the commitment and the desire to work for the betterment  of young individuals. Working together, we can make things happen for students locally and internationally.  With your support, we are able to go that extra mile.  


A Child’s Cry will be extending help to children who are in need.

*    Jamaica was this year’s recipient of our annual Christmas toy drive.

Though this is our first year for this toy drive, the response was astounding.  A three-week candy drive resulted in the revenue to provide 500 needy kids with new toys. An “on the spot” survey showed that these children would not have had toys this Christmas.  I cannot effectively express to you the joy in each child’s face as they opened the gifts Considering that some of the children had never received a gift at Christmas (or any other time), this was a joyous occasion had by a

Going forward, A Child’s Cry foundation will begin collecting toys for the children at the end of September 2002 for the 2002 Christmas toy drive.  With your help, we will increase the number of toys for children, some of whom have never experienced the joy of gifts at Christmas.

 Our special thanks to all the people who helped with candy and toy drive during the Christmas holidays. We appreciate your spirit. This was truly a blessing to many children and A Child’s Cry thanks you.

We would also like to mention:  Peter Gutzmer from Air Jamaica Cargo Kingston Jamaica for helping us to obtain a reduced rate for the shipping of the toys. 

   Up coming Projects for 2002


The Travel Clinic will be going to the rural areas of Jamaica West Indies in April 2002. We will be conducting a candy drive, drawings and accepting donations in order to raise funds for the Travel Clinic.  The purpose of this trip is to provide much needed free dental care services for the children in rural areas who do not currently have dental care.


The Travel Clinic will be leaving for Jamaica on April 1st  through April 7th.  Any medical personnel who wish to   participate in this venture please email us at: support@achildscry.com

*  We would love to hear from you with suggestions and comments:  visit our web site at http://www.achildscry.net and send a friend to the site. We encourage you to make a donation


Remember our candy drive starts and you may make orders now.

   There will be drawings for various prizes.

                  Dates for the various drawings are listed below.

    Valentine’s Day Drawing: 

- Ticket price: $5.00

 - For this drawing, purchase your tickets between 1/08/02 – 2/09/02*

- Drawing date 2/10/02

-Winners will be notified by email or telephone

-Prize: 1-pound box of See’s Fancy Red Truffle Heart candy

 Easter Drawing:    -  Ticket price: $5.00

- For this drawing, purchase your tickets between 2/11/02 – 3/24/02*

- Drawing date 3/25/02

- Winners will be notified by email or telephone

-         Prize: Basket of candles, candle holders, aroma soaps, champagne glasses

 *Please note: To buy tickets on line, please visit website

 just click the desired icon to use that service, and on the memo indicate the number of tickets needed ..

Special thanks and appreciation to:

-         George Mitchell who coordinates all technical work on the website for A Child’s Cry.

-         Mike Jordan for the donations of two cars.

-         All individuals who sold candy

-         All individuals and companies who gave donations

-         All those who gave us the gift of their time.

Please know that A Child’s Cry  appreciates all your help and support for these projects.          

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